A collection of useful and/or interesting websites. If you have some spare time, give them a look!



Blogs, Projects and News


One of the main websites for the Mexican Makers community. News, events and projects.

Creators of Make Magazine, and also a great website to look at interesting projects.

New projects everyday! Also, a great community for people interested in electronics, robots and DIY in general.



A great place to publish your projects. They also feature new contests each month!

Adafruit Industries
One of the most popular communities in the Maker movement. Blog, shop and more.

Dangerous Prototypes
News, tutorials and projects. It features a forum and a shop.

An emerging group of hardware developers from Shenzen, China. They focus on single-board computers.

Let’s Make Robots!
Robotics projects from all over the world! It also features a forum and a news section.


3D Printing troubleshooting guide

A visual guide written by Simplify3D, where you can find the answers to the most common 3D printing issues.


Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories

News, information and interesting projects made by a talented couple of hackers.


DIY Hacking

A collection of DIY projects, sorted by platform and skill level.



Looking for parts?


Hardware developers that focus on robotic modules and kits. Their prices are sometimes higher than other Chinese stores, but they are quick to ship, reliable and their products are well documented.



If you are looking for cheap but reliable clones for Arduino and its modules, this is a good place to look for them. They also develop their own kits and products. They also feature a PCB fabrication service.



A team of hardware developers who are constantly releasing new and interesting kits.



They have an enormous catalog of products at very low prices. Just make sure to read the description and reviews carefully before buying.


Ultimate 3D printing store

A great place to purchase spare parts to fix your WanHao 3d printer.